Building our eco credentials

With more items being home delivered now than before the start of the pandemic lockdowns, consumers are increasingly aware of the amount of packaging their deliveries are generating. This is especially the case with regular deliveries such as recipe boxes and healthcare items.

As preferred suppliers of thermal packaging solutions to some of the UK’s leading providers of meal kits and fresh food deliveries, we’re working hard to ensure our packaging is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

All our boxes, paper bags and eco paper liners are fully recyclable, our poly tile liners and pallet wrap have a minimum of 30% of recycled content, the non-toxic contents of our gel packs are drain-safe, meaning they can be easily flushed down the sink with warm water and their plastic outer recycled according to your local recycling regulations.

We’ve also been working with the Chemistry Innovation Laboratory in the School of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham on a project to review the sustainability of a range of Thergis® products, and bio-based alternative for insulative packaging.  There are some interesting developments in bio-based insulation and we’re hoping to be able to add new products to our range over time.

And if you would like more information on the recyclability of any product, from plastics to gadgets, and what the recycling options are in your area visit www.recyclenow.com to find out more.

To find out more call our expert team on 0115 931 6969 or contact us for more details.