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Paper Box Liners

Paper Box Liners

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Available in a range of sizes to fit various box configurations, Thergis Box Liners offer versatility and adaptability. They are an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to optimize their supply chain and reduce waste. Elevate your packaging strategy with Thergis Box Liners, where cutting-edge technology meets eco-consciousness for a more efficient and sustainable distribution process.

Eco-friendly and recyclable

Cost effective eco alternative to wool insulation

Thergis Box Liners are a revolutionary solution for maintaining optimal temperatures during the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. These meticulously designed liners serve as a crucial insulating barrier, safeguarding products from temperature fluctuations.

Crafted with precision, Thergis Box Liners are constructed from high-grade materials that effectively trap and regulate temperature, creating a controlled environment within the packaging. This makes them an indispensable choice for industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable goods where precise temperature control is paramount.

Thergis is dedicated to sustainability, and the Box Liners exemplify this commitment. They are manufactured from eco-friendly materials, aligning seamlessly with the growing demand for environmentally responsible packaging solutions. Post-use, the liners can be disposed of in an eco-conscious manner, minimizing their environmental footprint.

Available in various sizes to accommodate diverse box configurations, Thergis Box Liners offer adaptability and versatility. They represent a powerful tool for businesses looking to optimize their supply chain efficiency and reduce waste. Elevate your packaging strategy with Thergis Box Liners, where advanced technology meets environmental responsibility for a more sustainable and effective distribution process.

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Weight 2 kg

Small Paper liner – 240mm x 650mm, Medium Paper Liner – 290mm x 800mm, Large Paper Liner – 340mm x 950mm, X-Large Paper liner – 390mm x 1100mm

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