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With consumers actively sourcing brands to work with, that they can be sure provide social, sustainable, and environmentally safe conditions of work and within production. We want you to be reassured and ensure we source materials ethically and sustainably, we have subscribed to Sedex, a world leading organisation dedicated to improving the ethical and responsible practices globally within supply chains, in over 180 countries and over 16 years’ experience, this gives us and yourself the confidence that, where and how we source materials and services is safe and protects from the start of the process up to when it reaches you.

This subscription means we have the right tools and information to only work with brands and businesses who are working towards and share the same standards as us at Thergis, and you, our customer.

How we work with suppliers and to address and improve risks within the supply chain.

We look at these key areas and ensure the highest standards are met:

  • Labour standards (living wage, working conditions)
  • Health and safety
  • Environment
  • Business ethics (no child or slave labour)

The businesses we work with must provide evidence to us that they are meeting the high standard requirements to work with us, and this is done through extensive audits which are publicised through the Sedex database, making them visible. The platform allows us to see where business/suppliers are compliant, when they aren’t, where improvements need to be made and when these need to be resolved by and are completed.

Sedex allows us to analyse potential business relationships to see if they are a good match and monitor the existing ones we have.

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