Best of Bury Meats UK: From Local to Nationwide

Best of Bury Meats UK started a business selling in the local markets many years ago. Later, they undertook local deliveries, quickly building a name for their quality and freshness. Just before the COVID-19 pandemic, they had planned to launch their services all over the nation. This was another step in their growth; although it brought different challenges needing some effective solutions. This is how Thergis helped them go from local to nationwide!

Implementing Thergis Products for Nationwide Deliveries

To support their nationwide expansion, our client turned to Thergis for a reliable solution to maintain the integrity of their meat products during extended transit times. We provided them with foil liners and ice packs designed to keep their products chilled. Their process involved layering the meat with ice packs, securely sealing the packages to ensure they stayed chilled for up to 48 hours and shipping them to customers across the country.

Challenges and Our Solutions

Local to Nationwide Delivery Logistics

Initially, our client used refrigerated vehicles for local deliveries, which eliminated the need for additional temperature control measures. The move to nationwide deliveries, however, required a new approach to maintain the necessary temperature without refrigerated transport.

Maintaining Freshness Without Refrigeration

The primary challenge was ensuring the freshness of meat products during extended transit times. Thergis provided a solution with our advanced ice packs and foil liners. By advising the client on optimal packing methods—layering the meat with ice packs and sealing it securely—we ensured their products remained chilled for up to 48 hours, arriving fresh and in perfect condition.

Speed and Efficiency in Packing and Shipping

Understanding that operational efficiency was important to this customer, we changed our methodology for delivery, shipping ice packs in crates instead of boxes. This change enabled the customer to more efficiently store the ice packs in their freezers and allowed them to pack them quicker, maximising speed and efficiency.

The Impact of Thergis Products on Our Client’s Business

Consistent Quality and Freshness

Our products allowed the client to achieve a level of temperature control comparable to refrigerated vehicles. This consistency was essential for preserving the quality of their meat products, meeting customer expectations for freshness and building trust in their nationwide service.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The reliable performance of Thergis products has led to consistent customer satisfaction. By ensuring that meat products arrive in perfect condition, our client has been able to build a loyal customer base across the country.

Operational Efficiency for Local to Nationwide

The ease of storing and using Thergis ice packs has significantly improved the client’s operational efficiency. The streamlined packing process reduced the time and effort required to prepare shipments, allowing the client to focus on other aspects of their business.

Our partnership with Best of Bury Meats explains the critical role Thergis products play in overcoming all logistical challenges and growing a business. It was through our packaging solutions that our client was able to make this seamless transition from a local market presence to a nationwide delivery service, ensuring its products remained fresh at the high-quality level desired by consumers.


What challenges did your client face during the transition to nationwide deliveries?

The main challenge was maintaining the freshness of meat products without using refrigerated vehicles. They needed a reliable solution to keep the meat chilled for up to 48 hours during transit.

How did Thergis products help overcome these challenges?

Thergis provided ice packs and foil liners that allowed the client to maintain the necessary temperature for their meat products. By layering the meat with ice packs, they ensured it stayed chilled and fresh during transit.

What specific Thergis products were used?

The client used Thergis’ foil liners and ice packs. The ice packs were particularly effective in keeping the meat chilled for up to 48 hours.

How did Thergis adapt their products to meet the client’s needs?

Thergis sent ice packs in crates instead of boxes, making it easier and faster for the client to store them in their freezers. This adaptation improved their operational efficiency.

What impact did Thergis products have on the client’s business?

Thergis products enabled the client to maintain the freshness and quality of their meat during nationwide deliveries, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Would you recommend Thergis products to other businesses?

Absolutely. Thergis products have been crucial in helping the client expand their delivery service nationwide while maintaining the high quality and freshness of their meat products.

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