Choosing the Best Box Liners for Business Shipping: 

A Comprehensive Thergis Comparison

In the fast-paced world of business, the safe and efficient transport of goods is a cornerstone of success. Choosing the right box liners can make a significant difference in this process. This article offers an in-depth comparison of Thergis’ range of box liners, a crucial decision for businesses aiming to optimise their shipping strategies.

In this article, we will cover:

  • the distinctive features and advantages of Thergis’ foil, eco paper, and polystyrene tile box liners.
  • a detailed comparison to identify which liner is best suited for various business shipping needs.
  • practical advice on selecting the ideal box liner for your unique business requirements.

Discover the best box liners for business shipping and ensure you make the most informed decision for your business’s shipping needs.

Overview of Thergis Box Liners

Thergis stands out in the packaging industry with its commitment to providing innovative and reliable box liner solutions. Catering to a wide range of business shipping needs, Thergis offers three distinct types of box liners: Foil Liners, Eco Paper Liners and Box Sets, and Polystyrene Tile Box Kits. Each type is designed with specific shipping conditions and environmental considerations in mind, ensuring that businesses can find a liner that perfectly matches their requirements. 

Foil Liners

Best Box Liners for Business Shipping: Foil Liners

Foil Liners Snapshot:

  • Ideal for: Fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, gourmet items.
  • Key Feature: Maintains consistent temperature.
  • Price Range: £2.40 – £4.50 + VAT.
  • Foil Liner Envelope – 250mm x 350mm

Gusseted Foil Liners – 490mm x 435mm x 250mm / 600mm x 450mm x 300mm /700mm x 420mm x 300mm / 910mm x 500mm x 350mm

Foil Liner – 900mm x 620mm

Thergis’ Chilled Distribution Foil Liners are a testament to innovation in the realm of logistics and temperature control. These advanced liners are expertly designed to maintain a consistent temperature, making them a reliable choice for products like fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, and gourmet delicacies. They feature a radiant foil surface paired with an advanced insulation core, effectively guarding against temperature changes. With a variety of sizes available, these liners accommodate different needs, ensuring the freshness and integrity of perishable goods during transport. Thergis’ Foil Liners represent a significant step forward in addressing the challenges of temperature-sensitive logistics.

Eco Paper Liners & Box Sets

Best Box Liners for Business Shipping: Paper Liners

Eco Paper Liners & Box Sets Snapshot:

  • Ideal for: Meal kits, fresh meats, fish, cheese, health/pharma products.
  • Key Feature: Eco-friendly, moisture-absorbing.
  • Price Range: £2.50 – £4.39 + VAT for Box Sets; £1.50 – £2.40 + VAT for individual Liners.
  • Paper Liner Shipping Kit 250mm x 250mm x 250mm / 300mm x 300mm x 300mm / 355mm x 355mm x 355mm / 400mm x 300mm x 270mm
    Small Paper liner – 240mm x 650mm
    Medium Paper Liner – 290mm x 800mm
    Large Paper Liner – 340mm x 950mm
    X-Large Paper liner – 390mm x 1100mm

Thergis offers businesses a choice between the Eco Paper Liner Shipping Kit and individual Paper Box Liners, both championing environmentally conscious packaging. The Shipping Kit is perfect for up to 2kg or 8L of fresh food or temperature-controlled products, comprising a 250mm cube box and a 2-piece paper liner set, ideal for meal kits, fresh meats, fish, cheese, and health/pharma products. These kits, made from 100% recycled materials, are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional insulation, efficiently absorbing moisture and reducing condensation on products. Easy to assemble, they integrate seamlessly into existing packaging processes, offering eco-efficiency with reduced waste. 

The individual Paper Box Liners, also made from recycled materials, provide the same benefits in a more flexible format, allowing businesses to customise their packaging approach. Purchasing Thergis’ paper box liners signifies a commitment to sustainability and is an indispensable tool for industries, ensuring product protection while promoting eco-consciousness.

Polystyrene Tile Box Kits

Best Box Liners for Business Shipping: Poly Liners

Polystyrene Tile Box Kits Snapshot:

  • Ideal for: A wide range of products requiring insulation.
  • Key Feature: Cost-effective, superior insulation.
  • Price Range: £2.99 – £6.70 + VAT.
  • Polystyrene Box Kit – 305mm x 305mm x 305mm / 400mm x 300mm x270mm / 560mm x 360mm x 270mm

Thergis’ Polystyrene Tile Box Kits are the embodiment of cost-effectiveness and superior insulation. The polystyrene tiling maintains a stable internal temperature, which is crucial for a wide range of products, especially in varying external conditions. These kits are supplied flat, making them easy to store and handle. As a cost-effective alternative to formed polystyrene boxes, they offer both financial and practical benefits. Additionally, the polystyrene provides extra protection, making these kits a reliable choice for businesses seeking both insulation and safety for their shipments.

Comparative Analysis: Thergis Box Liners

At Thergis, we offer a range of options that stand as the best box liners for business shipping. Here’s a quick breakdown of the highlights of each type:

  • Foil Liners: Best for items needing stable temperatures, like fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, and gourmet foods. Available in sizes up to 910mm x 500mm x 350mm, they offer advanced insulation with a radiant foil surface.
  • Eco Paper Liners & Box Sets: Ideal for businesses prioritising sustainability. They’re made from 100% recycled materials, offering moisture absorption and reduced condensation.
  • Polystyrene Tile Box Kits: These kits provide cost-effective and superior insulation, suitable for a variety of products. Supplied flat, they are easy to store and handle, offering additional protection.

Each type serves unique business needs, from environmental sustainability to temperature stability, ensuring businesses can tailor their choice for optimal shipping solutions.

Choosing the Right Liner for Your Business

Selecting the appropriate box liner is crucial and depends on your business’s unique shipping requirements. If temperature sensitivity is a primary concern, Foil Liners are the go-to choice. For companies prioritising environmental sustainability, Eco Paper Liners offer an effective yet eco-friendly solution. If cost-effectiveness and versatile insulation are key, Polystyrene Tile Box Kits are ideal. Consider the nature of your products, environmental commitments, and budget constraints when making your decision. The right choice will not only protect your goods during transit but also align with your business values and goals.

Final Insights: Selecting the Best Box Liners for Business Shipping with Thergis

Thergis offers a versatile range of box liners, each tailored to meet specific business shipping needs. Whether it’s the temperature-regulating Foil Liners, the eco-friendly Eco Paper Liners, or the cost-effective Polystyrene Tile Box Kits, there’s a solution for every requirement. By understanding the unique features and benefits of each liner type, businesses can make informed decisions that enhance their shipping efficiency and align with their operational values. 

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