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Thergis Absorbent Pack

Thergis Absorbent Pack

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Introducing Thergis Absorbent Pack – your ultimate moisture defense. Keep your products safe from excess humidity and condensation with these innovative packs. From preserving freshness to preventing water damage, Thergis Absorbent Packs ensure your goods arrive in optimal condition. Elevate your protection game with Thergis – moisture management made smarter. Contact Thergis to customise and purchase.

Reusable with a weight and coolant comparison approx 2 times that of ice

High grade, puncture resistant film

Clean with no mess – no seepage and no soaking required

Introducing the Thergis Absorbent Pack – your ultimate solution for moisture management and product protection. Designed to excel in a variety of applications, these innovative packs are engineered to absorb moisture, prevent condensation, and ensure your goods arrive in optimal condition.

Say goodbye to the challenges posed by excess moisture during storage and transportation. The Thergis Absorbent Pack acts as a vigilant guardian, absorbing moisture to maintain the integrity of your products and extend their shelf life. Whether you’re dealing with food items, electronics, or sensitive materials, these packs provide an extra layer of defense against the damaging effects of humidity.

With Thergis Absorbent Packs, the battle against condensation is won. These packs effectively contain and control condensation, preventing it from causing potential harm to your cargo. No more worries about water damage, compromised packaging, or compromised product quality – Thergis has you covered.

Versatility meets performance with the Thergis Absorbent Pack. These packs are not only highly effective moisture absorbers but also excel in enhancing insulation. This means your products are shielded from external temperature fluctuations, ensuring they remain at their best, regardless of the environment they’re in.

But that’s not all – the Thergis Absorbent Pack is your sustainable choice for effective moisture management. Crafted with eco-friendly materials, these packs are fully recyclable, reflecting a commitment to reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.

Join the ranks of businesses that prioritize product quality, protection, and sustainability with Thergis Absorbent Packs. Elevate your moisture management game, prevent condensation-related issues, and ensure your products shine from start to finish. Choose Thergis for a future where excellence and responsibility go hand in hand.

Gel pack – White Absorbent Paper – Anti Condensation – 200mm x 180mm – 1000g Gel pack – White Absorbent Paper – Anti Condensation – 150mm x 200mm – 500g

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Thergis Absorbent Pack – 200mm x 180mm, Thergis Absorbent Pack – 150mm x 200mm

These pre-filled gel packs can be branded with your own logo! A minimum order quantity of 5,000 square metres of film which equates to roughly 70,000 gel packs, which can then be ordered by the pallet. Please call 0115 931 6969 or email, for more details

We offer bespoke gel packs branded with your logo

Enhance your visibility with every delivery by adding your branding. We also supply custom tape, paper bags and boxes, providing customers with completely branded packaging solutions.