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Thergis Gel Pack

Thergis Gel Pack

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Designed for optimal convenience and performance, these Thergis Gel packs are a game-changer in temperature control. Crafted with precision, the Thergis Gel Pack is your solution to keeping things cool on the go. Its excellent design allows for easy placement, adapting effortlessly to your needs. Experience the Thergis advantage: a durable outer layer and a specially formulated gel interior ensure extended cooling time and leak-free reliability. Say goodbye to messy ice and hello to hassle-free chilling.


Reusable with a weight and coolant comparison approx 2 times that of ice

High grade, puncture resistant film

Clean with no mess – no seepage and no soaking required

Discover the Thergis Gel Packs – the epitome of advanced cooling and temperature control. Engineered for excellence, these gel packs are designed to elevate your freshness preservation to a whole new level.

Whether you’re transporting perishable goods, medical supplies, or seeking relief from discomfort, Thergis Gel Packs are your go-to solution. The innovative gel formula ensures extended cooling performance, maintaining the ideal temperature for your products or soothing comfort for your needs.

Experience the versatility of Thergis Gel Packs – their flexible design allows them to conform effortlessly to any shape, optimizing contact and enhancing their effectiveness. From first aid to culinary ventures, these gel packs provide unmatched adaptability.\

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional ice packs – Thergis Gel Packs are leak-resistant, ensuring a mess-free experience. With their durable construction and long-lasting cooling power, you can rely on Thergis to keep your items perfectly chilled.

Join countless satisfied customers who have embraced the cooling superiority of Thergis Gel Packs. Whether you’re enhancing your distribution process or seeking quick relief, these gel packs are your ultimate cooling companions. Elevate your cooling experience with Thergis – redefine freshness, comfort, and convenience, one pack at a time.

The 275g Thergis gel pack measures 200mm x 120mm. Each box contains 60 gel packs. A pallet contains 3000 gel packs (50 boxes). The 400g Thergis® gel pack measures 200mm x 160mm. Each box contains 44 gel packs. A pallet contains 2200 gel packs (50 boxes). The 500g Thergis gel pack measures 150mm x 200mm. Each box contains 36 gel packs. A pallet contains 1800 gel packs (50 boxes). The 555g Thergis® gel pack measures 200mm x 282mm. Each box contains 30 gel packs. A pallet contains 1500 gel packs (50 boxes). The 800g Thergis gel pack measures 200mm x 370mm. Each box contains 20 gel packs. A pallet contains 1000 gel packs (50 boxes). The 1000g Thergis gel pack measures 150mm x 286mm. Each box contains 20 gel packs. A pallet contains 1000 gel packs (50 boxes).

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Gel Pack 275 – 200mm x 120mm, Gel Pack 400 – 200mm x 160mm, Gel Pack 500 – 150mm x 200mm, Gel Pack 555 – 200mm x 282mm, Gel Pack 800 – 200mm x 370mm, Gel Pack 1000 – 150mm x 286mm

These pre-filled gel packs can be branded with your own logo! A minimum order quantity of 5,000 square metres of film which equates to roughly 70,000 gel packs, which can then be ordered by the pallet. Please call 0115 931 6969 or email, for more details

We offer bespoke gel packs branded with your logo

Enhance your visibility with every delivery by adding your branding. We also supply custom tape, paper bags and boxes, providing customers with completely branded packaging solutions.