How Quality Packaging for Meal Kits Enhances Product Value

The global market for meal kit delivery services, valued at approximately £16.4 billion in 2022, is continuing to expand rapidly. With a forecasted annual growth of 15.3% from 2023 to 2030, this sector is poised for significant expansion.

As meal kits continue to surge in popularity, the difference between a good and a great meal kit often boils down to its packaging.

Understanding the impact of packaging can significantly enhance the value and appeal of meal kits, setting your products apart in what has become a crowded market. 

Whether it’s preserving the freshness of ingredients, ensuring safe delivery, or aligning with consumer values through sustainability, the right packaging solution can provide the finishing touches to the entire meal kit experience.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • the role of packaging in preserving meal kit quality.
  • the impact of innovative, sustainable packaging 
  • how to implement quality packaging into your meal kit service

The Importance of Quality Packaging in the Meal Kit Industry

The meal kit delivery market’s expansion is a clear indicator of changing consumer preferences towards convenience, quality, and sustainability in their dining choices. The demand for meal kits has surged, driven by a desire for home-cooked meals without the time-consuming aspects of meal planning and food shopping.

Consumer Expectations

Consumers now expect not just quality food but also packaging that protects this quality, enhances the cooking experience, and aligns with environmental values. More and more consumers are seeking meal kits that use fewer plastics, more compostable packaging, and insulation made from recycled materials.

Packaging Fundamentals for Meal Kits

Quality packaging is vital in ensuring the freshness and safety of the meal kit contents. In today’s market, where expectations are soaring, packaging must also meet sustainability criteria, offering eco-friendly solutions that reduce waste and environmental impact.

Effective packaging safeguards the meal kit’s integrity from assembly to delivery, maintaining ingredient freshness, preventing damage, and providing vital information like preparation instructions, nutritional content, and expiry dates. Innovative packaging can also improve the unboxing experience, transforming meal preparation from a chore into a passion.

Innovative and Sustainable Packaging Solutions for Meal Kits

In the realm of eco-conscious packaging, Thergis and industry leaders like HelloFresh are pioneering significant sustainability initiatives. 

HelloFresh has notably eliminated black plastics and introduced fully recyclable paper pouches and 100%-water based ice packs, drastically reducing plastic use and underscoring the meal kit sector’s commitment to environmental practices. Their research challenges the perception of meal kits as packaging-intensive, showing a lesser environmental footprint compared to traditional grocery shopping. 

With state-of-the-art labs and collaborations with universities for innovative packaging solutions, HelloFresh exemplifies the industry’s drive towards reducing packaging volumes and enhancing sustainability, a vision Thergis aligns with in our pursuit of eco-friendly packaging excellence.

Thergis’ Gel Packs and Eco-conscious Packaging

In a market that’s rapidly expanding, Thergis is leading the way with cutting-edge packaging solutions designed to meet the specific needs of the meal kit delivery sector. Our gel packs and eco-friendly paper liners & box sets are a testament to our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability.

Gel Packs:

  • Optimal Temperature Control: Our gel packs are specifically engineered to maintain meal kits within a safe temperature range of 2°C to 8°C for up to 48 hours, ensuring that every meal kit arrives at the customer’s doorstep with its freshness intact and safety uncompromised.
  • Reusable Nature: Offers double the cooling capacity of traditional ice, without any mess.
  • Flexible Design: Ensures a snug fit around items for optimal temperature control during transit.

Eco Paper Liners & Box Sets:

  • Sustainable Packaging Solution: Crafted entirely from recycled materials, our Eco Paper Liners & Box Sets are at the forefront of eco-conscious packaging, offering an environmentally friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice performance.
  • Superior Insulation: The precision-engineered liners and boxes provide top-tier insulation for temperature-sensitive goods, ensuring they arrive in optimal condition.
  • Efficient and Simple Integration: Designed for ease of use, our packaging solutions seamlessly fit into existing processes, effectively reducing waste.
  • Customisable Options: We cater to your unique brand requirements, offering custom dimensions, branding, and special features to create packaging that perfectly aligns with your brand identity.

Customer-Focused Solutions: A Case Study

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is at the forefront of what we do.

Faced with a last-minute supply challenge for eco gel packs, one client reached out to Thergis. We promptly met their specifications, efficiently moving from initial engagement to order placement and ensuring next-day delivery. 

The meticulous packaging and protection of the delivered pallet made a lasting impression, convincing the client to shift all of their business to us. Here’s what they told us:

‘The part that convinced us to transfer all our business to Thergis was when the pallet arrived – it was expertly packaged and protected from damage. This told us they cared about their product and their customers. Simple. You have our business. Keep it up!’

This experience highlights both our commitment to quality and our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Implementing Thergis’ Packaging: A Step-by-Step Guide

For meal kit companies aiming to optimise their service with quality packaging, Thergis provides a clear pathway to seamlessly integrate these advancements into your existing operations. 

Here’s how you can implement Thergis packaging solutions effectively:

  1. Assess Current Packaging: Identify areas for improvement in sustainability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
  2. Consult Thergis Experts: Contact us to gain insights on the latest innovations and how they align with your needs.
  3. Customise Your Solution: Tailor packaging to your brand with custom dimensions and branding.
  4. Pilot Test: Conduct a trial with a segment of your products to gather feedback and ensure standards are met.
  5. Train Your Team: Ensure staff are informed about new packaging features and packing procedures.
  6. Gather Feedback: Actively seek customer opinions to fine-tune the packaging experience.
  7. Scale Up: Gradually introduce Thergis’ packaging across your product range based on positive pilot results and feedback.

By following these simple steps, meal kit companies can enhance their product value and customer satisfaction. And we can support you through each and every step of the process, ensuring a smooth transition to quality packaging solutions that meet the demands of today’s eco-conscious consumers.

Thergis’ Quality Packaging for Meal Kits: A Recipe for Success

As the meal kit delivery market continues to grow, the importance of quality packaging has never been more evident. 

Thergis, alongside industry leaders, is at the forefront of this shift, driving significant sustainability initiatives to meet consumer demands for convenience, quality, and eco-friendliness. 

Our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility is what sets us apart, providing meal kit companies with the tools they need to enhance their service and make a positive impact on the planet.

Ready to upgrade your meal kit service with quality, sustainable packaging?

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