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Thergis Paper Packs

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Introducing Thergis Paper Packs – the game-changing solution for seamless chilled distribution. Designed to keep your temperature-sensitive cargo consistently cool, these eco-friendly packs redefine freshness and efficiency. Elevate your distribution strategy with Thergis – where innovation meets sustainability. The ultimate moisture-absorbing, condensation-controlling, and insulation-boosting solution for elevated chilled distribution. Say goodbye to moisture-related issues and embrace peak performance with Thergis – redefining freshness and efficiency in every delivery. 100% Recyclable!

High grade moisture absorbsion

High grade, puncture resistant paper, 100% Recyclable

UK Market Leaders in Paper Pack Manufacturing

Introducing Thergis Paper Packs – a groundbreaking leap in sustainable and efficient chilled distribution. These innovative packs not only excel in moisture absorption, condensation control, and increased insulation but also proudly champion a fully recyclable and eco-conscious design.

Imagine a world where your temperature-sensitive cargo is not only perfectly preserved but also transported with the utmost respect for the environment. Thergis Paper Packs are crafted with sustainability at their core, ensuring that your commitment to quality is mirrored by your commitment to a greener future.

With their exceptional moisture-absorbing properties, Thergis Paper Packs offer a shield against the harmful effects of condensation, safeguarding your products from potential damage and spoilage. The innovative containment design prevents excess moisture from compromising your cargo, maintaining its pristine condition throughout its journey.

Beyond moisture management, Thergis Paper Packs elevate your distribution process by enhancing insulation. These packs act as a powerful barrier against external temperature fluctuations, creating a stable environment that ensures your products remain at their ideal temperature, from origin to destination.

But the true marvel of Thergis Paper Packs lies in their sustainability. Crafted with materials that are fully recyclable, these packs embody a commitment to reducing waste and minimizing your ecological footprint. By choosing Thergis, you’re not only optimizing your chilled distribution strategy – you’re also contributing to a more sustainable world.

Join the movement of forward-thinking businesses that are embracing Thergis Paper Packs to redefine their chilled distribution approach. Experience the transformative power of moisture absorption, condensation control, and increased insulation, all wrapped in a fully recyclable package. Choose Thergis for a future where efficiency, quality, and sustainability seamlessly intertwine.

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These pre-filled gel packs can be branded with your own logo! A minimum order quantity of 5,000 square metres of film which equates to roughly 70,000 gel packs, which can then be ordered by the pallet. Please call 0115 931 6969 or email, for more details

We offer bespoke gel packs branded with your logo

Enhance your visibility with every delivery by adding your branding. We also supply custom tape, paper bags and boxes, providing customers with completely branded packaging solutions.